Чат с менеджером

Tehnikum is a modern gastro bistro in the centre of the big city. A contemporary project by restaurateur Boris Zarkov, chef Vladimir Mukhin and gastronaut Mikhail Druyan. Tehnikum is all about exciting everyday food. The long-awaited casual project from  White Rabbit Family, where gastronomic ideas that brought WRF worldwide fame will become intelligible and affordable to everyone.

Bolshaya Dmitrovka is the crossroads of cultural energies. Tehnikum opened next to five great Russian theatres to become the ideal place to spend the evening before or after a spectacle.

The interior was designed by Olga Treyvas’ and Vera Odyn's architecture firm - Form - while its soul is embodied in a giant fresco by Dmitry Aske. The light Moscow summer awaits Tehnikum’s dilligent students on the restaurant’s summer terrace, where everything is going to be gastro and bistro!