«Tehnikum» is a modern gastro bistro in the centre of the big city.

A contemporary project by restaurateur Boris Zarkov, chef Vladimir Mukhin and gastronaut Mikhail Druyan. Tehnikum is all about exciting everyday food. The long-awaited casual project from White Rabbit Family, where gastronomic ideas that brought WRF worldwide fame will become intelligible and affordable to everyone.
Nikolskaya is one of the oldest streets in the capital and the "heart" of Kitay-Gorod, including the gastronomic one. It is not surprising that the second "Tehnikum" was opened here on the territory of the gastromarket "Around the World". It is an ideal option to spend a weekend with your loved ones in your favorite place.

We have moved the atmosphere and the most popular dishes already loved by the guests to a new location and added individual touches. One of these is a fresco by street art artist Ivan Ninety.

In summer, there is a chamber terrace overlooking the lively Nikolskaya Street.
Tehnikum is a trio of modern gastrobistros in the capital with comfortable food for every day.

The largest section - "Snacks" - consists of subsections "Raw", "Sandwiches", "Salads" and "Hot".

The main dishes are presented with author's cutlets, fish and seafood, poke, meat and poultry, as well as legendary pizzas and pi**ami.
Those who are in a hurry can take one of the dishes of the "Gastro fast" section: for example, hummus with pita, or pick up a burger from Junk Food.
In the desserts section there is a huge poppy eclair, 5 types of cakes and much more.